‘The Encounter’ - the Solitude of Life
 - material: wood, fiberglass, laquer, sticker
 - inspired by poetry work of Wolfgang Kubin
 - presented in ‘Art Windows – Art in Public Spaces’
 - organized by Sabrina Fung Fine Arts

‘…it is the experience human beings make at
the crossroads of life and death…it is a story of the
fate of human beings - to search, to encounter and
to escape…’ Wolfgang Kubin


‘City Forest’  - The alienation of the People in Cities #2/4
 - material: offset printing on pvc, straw, light blub, slide projection
 - inspired by the poetry work of Leung Ping Kwan, translation by Wolfgang Kubin
 - presented in the ‘Berlin in Hong Kong Festival’
 - organized by Goethe-Institut in Hong Kong