Art Co-ordination Project


‘East Meets West’
 - commissioned installation work of Joseph Kosuth, New York Conceptual Artist
 -  as researcher and coordinator
 -  Hong Kong


‘On Hong Kong’ : Different Dimension - the International Festival of Contemporary Photography 
 - the photography works by 10 leading Art photographers in Hong Kong were presented
 - organized by Novosibirsk Stat Art Museum
 - as project manager and coordinator
 - Russia


Visual Research Workshop
 - social studies through drama, literature and photography
 - as project planner
 - organized by The Lingnan University
 - Hong Kong


Postcards from Prague - the alienation of people in cities
 - text by Leung Ping Kwan, Photos by Hisun Wong, Almond Chu, Ringo Tang, Ann Mak
 - short stories with photography
 - as project planner
 - Hong Kong